Fast cash, which grows with your business.

You carry on managing your

Release cash tied up in outstanding invoices and carry on managing your own credit control and sales ledger.

Similar to invoice factoring it gives you access to cash as you issue new invoices. Send the funder your customer invoices and get a large portion of it paid within 24 hours.

The key difference is that you will be responsible for collecting your payments, while your use of an invoice finance product will be kept completely confidential from your customers.

Invoice discounting is for any business, any size, in any industry.

It is great for both small and large businesses. It brings a steady income and gives you confidence in your business cashflow.

It is ideal for businesses who face cashflow challenges or want to finance growth, as it fills the gap of up to 90-days between raising a customer invoice and being paid. By releasing that cash quickly, you can manage the day-to-day activities of your business and plan for growth with a sustainable cash flow that builds working capital.

Invoice discounting, like invoice factoring is flexible as it matches the performance of your business. Based on your invoices, this means you will not struggle with high fixed repayments as you would with a loan or credit card and, on the flip side, your funding won’t hold you back when your business growth accelerates.



When you raise an invoice, the funder purchases the debt owed to you by the customer.


The funder makes a percentage of the total invoice available to you instantly.


The funder collects the full amount of the invoice direct from your


Once the funder receives the money from your customer the full remaining balance is made available to you.


A small charge for the facility is then payable from you to the funder.
Our experts work hard to negotiate you the best deal and are with you, side by side, from your first enquiry through to renewals and beyond.
Bad debt protection and confidential factoring options available.